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Hype Plus Online Dance Tutorials for Only CAD $10 a Month


Online Tutorial Classes only $10 a Month.
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Beginner Hip Hop

Hype Dance, Kelowna

589 Lawrence Avenue,

Downtown Kelowna,

B.C. V1Y 6L8

Instagram: @hypednc

Facebook: @hypednc


I love this class. It is so fun and upbeat. And the group of ladies are amazing. Highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys dance.

Julie Craig-Hoult /Dance Fitness


Already been such a blessing to get to know everyone at this Hype Dance Studio! Anna is an incredible dance teacher! So full of life! Compassion! and such a caring heart for everyone around her. Everyone makes it so much fun to be around. So much encouragement for each other. Team spirit right here!!!!

Chessa Holland /Hip Hop Dance


Amazing class!! Anna is so talented and a great instructor!

Kayla Hunter /Hip Hop Dance