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Foundry Kelowna Performance For Women

Sunday July 22nd was the 3rd Annual More than Beautiful Event.

Foundry Kelowna Performance For Women In Business And Art, hosted by Kishor Ventures Inc. at the Munkey’s Fist, Downtown.

The afternoon was filled with live music performances, a silent auction and more.

Go to: to find out more information.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

This was a fantastic event put together by Kishhor Ventures Inc. for a great cause.

All the performances were first class and it was honor to be part of the line up. A special thanks to Kevin Kishor for asking to be involved.

The event itself helped raised money for Foundry Kelowna, a non for profit organisation that benefits the Canadian Mental Health Assosiation.

The dance performances from Hype was a group routine performed by Anna, Amberley, Alanna and Chessa, followed by a solo routine choreographed and performed by Anna Clarke.

All choreography was put together by Hype Dance Owner Anna Clarke.

Both dances were delivered to a high standard from the girls and we would like to pass on our thanks for your time and effort on this day. You are all stars!

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